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Reviews for "Red Riding Hood"

That's quite the picnic basket she's packin'.

shammiemaa responds:

hehe yeah it sure is ;d

Lemme guess and that big gun is the Big Bad Wolf? :D

shammiemaa responds:

nope, check out my tumblr you can find what's left from wolf there ;P

I feel she is prepared for more than wolves, my friend, with a weapon like that she's looking to destroy a mountain. God, your robots are so fantastic; it's odd how the robotics match human anatomy, but it is still amazing.

shammiemaa responds:

yeah I kinda always liked those cheesy human robots ;d even tho it makes no sense at all. Thanks man!

The level of detail is incredible. I'm stunned man, I hope someday I can work with artists of your talent!

shammiemaa responds:

Thanks a lot man! :)

O..O It's so pretty. Keep up the awesome. :)

- V

shammiemaa responds:

Thank you, I am glad you like it ;)