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Reviews for "mario parody from dandark"


Just after i watched the 'MARIO PARODY BY SEAN' i watched this. coincidence? I THINK NOT.

This better get front page. because sean's was crap(er).

Dan-Dark responds:

FINALLY!! You understand me!!!!! that crap won Front Page and collection!!! several artist worked very hard and don't win nothing!!!! I'll put this crap for "win" front page and collection like Sean, and my dude Chad

This is one of the best cartoons I've ever seen!!

You are a GOD at this stuff. My favorite thing you made was your Coka Cola cartoon! I like how you make fun of Sean's shitty art! You and Super Fizzoly are probably some of the best animators on NG!

omg lololol

that was fantastik, love the sheep, narator wood b good

I lol'd. XD

I was laughing through the whole thing, I dont know why. XD

You know I've been trying to replicate this style for years and you know what I think I perfected it. This is AMAZING to this very day