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Reviews for "mario parody from dandark"

Only because it's an anti-parody

The other one was so bad that I made an account merely to give it a 0. It didn't even deserve that much, but there's no negative scores.

This was no better, but I see your point. What crazed rabid monkey put that on the front page?

ummmmmm thats wasnt very good

well you see ..... it's just .... not very good and if you want that on the front page .... you got to make it better like ..... i dont know .... just better ... i like the chiken dance ... its random

Dan-Dark responds:

no! no no no! its a protest against the flash Mario Parodies from Sean! this flash is better than the flash of mario in Front Page actually!!! He WON front page and collection!!! each artist work hard in their projects!! it's not my "best" movie, by the way, I dont like my flash, I know that its crappy and stupid. watch my other videos and you will know. chicken dance hehe...It's funny for all.

I see your point...

Making a bad flash in retalliation to a bad flash is not the way to go, though. Personally, I'd make a highly detailed and well animated flash with mario beating the living shit out of Sean. That would make your point.


haha this was a great movie

lol that was piont less oriorjooryhirh

good on ya