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Reviews for "mario parody from dandark"

This is one of the best cartoons I've ever seen!!

You are a GOD at this stuff. My favorite thing you made was your Coka Cola cartoon! I like how you make fun of Sean's shitty art! You and Super Fizzoly are probably some of the best animators on NG!


But why's it Rated A?

Is it because it might cause seizures?

I'm confuzored....

Haha i liked it.

Good randomness,funny graphics,what's not to like about this? =)


Holy shit dude! tht was fucking funny! that was one of the most funniestthings i sw on Youtube this year! (erm, so far) I GIVE IT A PERFECT SCORE! :D


It's not that bad. the worst part was when toad got shot. The fast music was funny (yes I'm crazzy)! It was hella' better than Sean's toon! Atleast your Mario was actualy Mario! It's not the best thing ever, but it kicks the hell out of Sean's!! His wasn't even a parody. Your's is a parody 'cuz you made fun of the game rather than making crap up about Mario and saying it's true.

Did I tell you Sean's gay? Check the remarks he leaves for the opposing revews (mine got the stupidest/funniest remark) of his cartoon. They are funny as hell 'cuz they're as stupid as hell!! he can't admit that he's incorect all the time. Send him a message that calls him a gay fag who makes sucky toons! He'll get pissed and it'll be a good laugh for the both of us! Hate mail is great! Also, his toon is on the third page now!! HA HA HA!!

Maybe if you make another toon, get me to help with the art if you want to (see my Mario pic on my acount. I drew it on MSpaint).

P.S. how did it get an adult raiting? It had some bad words and some blood. that's it. It should have gotten a "T" rating.