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Reviews for "Britneys Baby Dash"


loved it :P

Only Hurt the Baby, Don't Kill it

My Thoughts
This game had a great mix of making fun of britney, being able to kill the police which is near to impossible in real life and the types of graphics used in the game. Personally, I thought here baby should have looked a bit more ugly than that since it did come from Kevin Greasy Federlines genes (I gave him a funny middle name). This game was enjoyable to play, but not so much of being addicting. I got bored of it after the first couple levels. I also got frustrated on the bombing, but I guess thats how you added the challenge to the game. There should have been an easy mode and a hard mode to choose from, but I guess you were giving the game more of an arcade idea to it. Other than that, the game was enjoyable and a big four out of five dead babies.

My Category Thoughts
Great choice of songs were used for this game, which fit the graphic look perfectly, giving me that feeling to play the game. It also had funny beggining audio. The throwing and catching idea along with adding jumping made this game all more fun to play. The humor was how britney was throwing diapers filled with crap to kill the police. The voilence was all about the drunken kills, child abuse and will police abuse.

Random/Useless Fact(s)
Britney Spears isn't a good singer. I also am not that good of a singer. Britney is not as fat as shown since she spends a lot of money for excersizing stuff while she could be using it for charity. Britney spears now has like 50 games either showing private/fake stuff of her and/or making fun of her.


awsome game dude, and the ending, its the best LOL


this is a fun game

Music Option doesn't work

In the options, there's the option to turn off the music, and the music fades away. But when you start a game, the music comes right back. Fix it cause the song is annoying.

Game is great though, good controls.