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Reviews for "Britneys Baby Dash"

great game

you made a great game here just wish it was a bit longer or will you be making a sequel? the animation was really good (because of that kind of style) you could see what was what (like the diapers =) )

nothing against you.

Its Nothing personal but this is just CRAP i hate britney and everything that has something to do with her.


It was an ok game but the controls and feel of the game just didn't seem that good.


Although I can't say that I would condone these types of games, making fun of other people and the like, it was a fun game. It wasn't particularly hard in anyway, but it wasn't easy either. It took a while to get the hang of it, but once you did you were well on your way. The graphics were solid and looked good in general, and the gameplay was fulfilling. Nice work.


The concept is interesting, but the game is too hard for me. The special "Britney power" was really helpful.