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Reviews for "Britneys Baby Dash"

blah blah blah crap bastard fuck shit n***a lame

Good but hard

This was quite a difficult game because you simply had to really keep up with it. I was at least glad that you could kill those police officers by throwing diapers at them. What you really have to look for are the planes. They can appear at any time, like when you are distracting yourselves with the policemen on the ground. The graphics in this were really funny and I especially liked how the baby looked. He kind of reminded me of Ike from "South Park".

Everything here is represented in a very clear way so the gameplay is pretty steady. The hardest part is having to let go of the baby to defend it. I swear you simply can not jump over a police officer and completely avoid him! The atmosphere was really goofy and it seems like it's been awhile since someone made fun of Britney Spears. This was before the infamous head shaving thing.

lol is cute but scary me

ho god I played that game 16.000 million and never bores me.


its fun but short i didnt lose once all you have to do is drop your baby spam diapers and when you get your special up even if your babys in the heli you get it back and if theres lots of enemy you can get another special from your first one d is the only key you need for this game :)