Reviews for "Particles"

I remember when this game was on the front page - I can't believe that it's been six years since then. I doubt that you're reading this, Najdorf, but thank you for making this game.

I reached 7 ball and lasted 129seconds.Not bad for first time.This is fun!Let's do it again! :)

Very good idea, simple and good game, good graphics, music, and so on, but like DanteMist16, I would like achievements, like gettng to level 10, 5, and 15, maybe doing things.

Interesting concept, but not that new, I guess. The music is beatiful, its graphics are nice and it's pretty addictive. I like it but is not that awesome. There should be something more interesting, maybe achievements or something like that.

Awesome as shit!

I just got to level 9 then I died, I'm trying to play and watch The Departed at the same time.
It's really fucking addictive man! And good.