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Reviews for "Particles"

Good game.

The game was fantastic, I only got to 6 balls.
Any ways I like how they can Bounce off of eachother.
The sound effects when they clangged together, That nice soothing Bonk!
It sounds like your playing a game of pool.
Keep up the good work! Also, You could add some ditractors in the background! the simple silver background was a little stale after a while...


Very nice game. I love the music and that advancing difficulty. Violence was included for the balls hitting each other. SO HELP ME GOD! That was an awesome game.

not saying this read bottem

omg this was great i loved the music and plus i loved how u made it say it harder each time and it didnt to distract us but it does get harder when a new ball comes in but awesome game keep making these ill stop going to go to your site GRAND GAME

i do not have any words fore it

i could not say how great this game is. but i do say it : it is a great game

loved it

i think that you could have made it harder to get better grades.But still, i loved it great work.