Reviews for "Particles"

Nice music

Wd, excellant game. Espeically liked the music 2. What kind of music is that btw?

Great game, you really got the physics down

The graphics are great, the style is an improvment on previous games like this, obviously no violence. Humor, I think, was when it said "E = Bad Effort" Haha. The physics in the game were phenomenal - It was a world with no friction. The sounds, too, were great; I don't know if you went to a pool table and recorded it or found it off of the internet, but it was the perfect sound. You really got the momentum transfer with the balls just right - it makes the game way harder when three balls hit one and before you know it there is one ball moving at light speed. Overall, great game. Not much improvment needed, keep up the great work!

FUN ^_^

I love games where u have to use the mouse cos u hav so much control.
Cool music and graphics. This game is essentially perfect, i dont think there is any need for improvments on a game like this.
5/5 Simple ideas are often the best... WELL DONE!

Nice game

I liked everything, the music, the Everything. I love dodging games so it's very fun and I could play it for years!!

nice game

i like this game very simple though very hard nicely made maybe a other soundtrack but that's my only complainment