Reviews for "Particles"

Pretty decent

I personally like the dodging genre, and this one while not the best is worth playing.

To begin with, this is a lot like a pick up and play type of game. Just click on start and you are ready to go. The concept is also nice with the balls repeatedly hitting each other so you can anticipate where they are going.

The choice of music kept the game interesting as i tried to live through the entire song and the sound effects were nice and clean.

As for the difficulty, it started out nice and simple but suddenly became unforgiving. Who knew that adding one extra ball would make it that much harder. So far my highscore is 8 balls 151 seconds and my grade was an A:stunning reflexes.

I will now commence to torture myself as i go for an A+

8/10 good game


The music rocked and the game too I get stuck at seven balls >:(


haha!, little fun when i feel usless
I'v got a B, just B...



it was pretty good not bad for a puzzle game.

Quite fun, but obviously average.

There's something about it that's quite appealing. It may be the nice, clean graphics style, or maybe it's the crisp wooden sound of the balls bouncing off each other. Whatever it is, the game is oddly refreshing.

The music was cool in the beginning, but then it just turned into that god-damn fast-paced house music that every flash game ever uses - but the game is over two years old, so I'm not sure that's really a valid criticism.

The gameplay is really simple and generic, but like I said, still really enjoyable for some reason, but the problem is what happens when you get hit. Fuck this, man, I'm not playing through all that again, it's only a simple dodging game for god's sake. There should have been a survival mode, and then a free mode where you just hit the plus and minus buttons to add or remove balls, or something like that.

Transitions between menus take too long - sometimes function over fashion is the order of the day, like when I just want to navigate the interface for a tiny in-browser flash game.

Six out of ten... might have pushed it to seven were it not for those flaws I mentioned. Still a very nice edition of the "dodge stuff" flash game genre.