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Reviews for "Sonic - Emerald Hill Zone"

i didint hear

i coudint here it because i dont know how

Holy Shit

Homie this song kicks ass, one of your best by far. I have a couple versions of this song, but yours may just trump those that I already have. I will download and look forward for more from you. I had a couple more songs of yours, but I think this is going to become my favorite of them. Take it easy bud.

SpacLock responds:

Thanks alot for the review. I really do appreciate it.


Its pretty good


No one can top this sonic song It overshadows any sonic song I ever heard DAMN STRAIT

SpacLock responds:

Thanks alot vexx and thanks to everyone else who reviewed.

Here's to YOU, my friend!

Hell yes! I love it! The only suggestion/comment I have (other than that this is good shit) is that it was rather quiet; yes, I can just turn up my volume, but then when the next song on my tracklist comes around, my room immediately starts vibrating in the intensity of my other songs which play at a louder decibility... and at 3am, that's a very bad thing. Reguardlessly, 5up!

A Random NG User whom you neither know, nor care about.

SpacLock responds:

Thanks for the review Warrior_Dragon. Sorry about the volume level hahahaha.