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Reviews for "Zombie Inglor"


Loved the graphics and story.

Couldnt get passed the second 'game', even with the lvl 12 shotgun and was running out of time by then. And no idea what killed me vs the other big guy but I lots 200 health instantly.

So, I cant beat it, but it was fun playin.

vary nice yes

cool awsome

VERY awesome!

I love this game. Very well-designed adventure/roleplaying game this is. It got a bit buggy once I got to the bandit cave though.

The zombies would tell me the cemetary was closed, yet it let me in, the shield wouldn't work after I got it, it showed the key to the treasure room in my inventory but it wouldn't let me enter the treasure room, no matter how much I shot the two masked people they would be undamaged (I didn't see a shield on them or anything....), and when I was fighting Erik it often didn't register any hits with my pistol.

I truly truly love this game though, especially the voice acting. The artwork and animation are stellar as well, and the theme is truly awesome. (I love how you can talk to the zombies eventually.:))

Thank you for your hard work, I hope this comment helps you.

dude W T F!!!!!!!!!!!!

that lil bubblee ugly thing in the sewers ya..um how the hell can yo even kill that?!?!?

i had lvl 30 w/ the phoenix & just as i broke his first shell of def. he start blasting me with these lazer balls of fury i mean comon...

the zombie hunter was a peice of cake! as were all the other bosses but that bubble thing is way hard i mean...is it even possible??

ps. PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER ONE OF THESE! just not a time limit...i like maxing out my charecters...even tho this was fairly easy!i think i beat the game in...24 days? id go check but i already beat it & id have to make a new game & do all that all over again just so i could tell you what lvl i was lol

for real tho dude this game is really fun i def think it would be nice to pick up the bosses wep. but then the game might be a bit too easy huh?

hahaha im a finish my bowl of fruity pebbeles/lucky charms/ cinnamon toast crunch mixture i got going on so ya!

i love armor games & the voice acting was superb!

keep it up!


Dude ur game is 733t! i must hav playd 4 5 hours straight i was hooked! I only gave a seven 4 grafics bcos i had 2 put on low quality to play fast, and my internet is pretty dam fast otherwise great game