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Reviews for "Zombie Inglor"

Very nice

I enjoyed this quite heartily. It was a good theme and good execution. Awesome work, look forward to seeing more from you in the future :D.


but I think I found a glitch. If you're still in a building when it gets dark, when you go out the people you see in daytime and the items you see in daytime are still there (like the little girl in front of mayors house). But anyway, very nice game!

Godlimations responds:

nope, not a glitch, she is only there during daytime.


stupid anime voice is annoying

nobody has a voice like that in real life. I don't understand how that voice is used in absolutely EVERYTHING but it's really annoying. It's like some old guy trying to strain his last words out before he dies. No voice actor that uses that voice will ever be considered good, since it sounds so completely unrealistic.
Game was ok, like many adventure games, good graphcis and ok sound other from the voice, but the voice was SO annoying it was hard to play.

Godlimations responds:

yeah, and you seem to forget that zombie's aren't real... so unrealistic character + unrealistic voice = makes sense... I don't think you've played it all either...