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Reviews for "Zombie Inglor"

pretty good

It's pretty good, before, I was able to go through the whole thing, but for some reason I can't now. It's lagging like crazy when I move and shoot so Barabus, or however you spell his name, I forgot, is impossible to beat. I guess that's as far as I'll ever be able to play then. Still, good game, well, back when i was able to actually play it.

I normally love your games but....

I really believe that there should have been some kind of slow down effect on the time after saving the girl like it didnt cure the virus but it slows it days take 3-5 mins to pass. Definitely cause 4 days are taken away with the healing dying process


it started laging like crazy the second time i batteled eric still a good game.


ive beat it a bunch of times ill give ya hints for the ludy fight if ya need em


causin alot of lag, erik fight is too hard, otherwise grate