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Reviews for "Zombie Inglor"


The animations were eye catching (drawn in cool detail) , sweet mystery gives me ghoose bumps :D , Helpless at mystery games xD..

soz 4 the low number.

ICON VOTE : Between 2-3. = OK.


it's kinda easy at the other boss the hardest one was erick because it was very lagg delay something like that but good game cool storyline nc game


hmmm im bitten by a zombie i guess i should leave it alone so i can get zombiefied
and they cant hurt me but still i can control myself JJ.good game though

epic game, and also hard in a good way.

the sadest part had to be timing out on a boss battle on the last day, other then that it was awsome, from finding a sheild to defend yourself with, fighting the masked duo that had the key to the smile door, shotguning the metal boss down... man that was awsome.

oh also, the story kind of continues in Amea, another one of his games.

metal slime boss is hard to beat without the sheild.
the sheild is in the cave with the twins.
don't go into the mushroom cave without the bread, or else your wasting your time.
dude with the shot gun, hit him more and he will aim at you less. twoards the end he just goes all out so get ready.
shotgun PWNs spider.
shotgun pwns sheild, sheild pwns chain gun.

that should be it, good luck and good huning.

Awesome Game

mysterious ending Was He Cured or Not?