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Reviews for "Zombie Inglor"


Dude ur game is 733t! i must hav playd 4 5 hours straight i was hooked! I only gave a seven 4 grafics bcos i had 2 put on low quality to play fast, and my internet is pretty dam fast otherwise great game


The adventure/shooter hybrid was an excellent idea, and I think you pulled it off quite well. Minor gripes: the time limit can be pretty unforgiving, especially considering that there's no pause feature. Also, the graphics were occasionally weird (the shotgun didn't look very threatening), though for the most part they were pretty good. Overall, though, this is one of the best on NG. Keep it up.

Best game ever but...

how do you get the dragon to take over you on friday the 13th?

oh and for all u who cant beat disaster:

1st healthbar: shoot with shotgun till dead
2nd healthbar:take out your shield and unload onto him
3rd healthbar:repeat
4th healthbar: keep blocking till he stops shooting at you, then fire.

These scores need to go to 11

This is an amazing and well thought out game. THe secrets are perfect, the fighting is great and even the voice acting is spectacular. Honestly, this game should be looked to as an example of what an adventure style flash should be. It's just amazing

You get a 10 in humor because I carried that duck around the first time into my epic end battle :)



4 Fing health bars how the hell are you supposed to kill that red and purple thing in the sewers