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Reviews for "Zombie Inglor"

Amazing game i remember playing this when i was younger i wish more parts came out

Still just as good as i remember it being when i was a wee babe

too boring_ sooo confusing!

Awesome classic, bit sad that after beating the disaster boss it glitched so that the eyes kept shooting, and they were going through my shield. I left planning to go back in right after, but found myself locked out, meaning I fought that boss(twice I might add, having died a bit short of killing him the first time) and got nothing in return! Gotta drop half a star for that, but hopefully when I replay to try for the dragon it won't happen again XD.

I like this game! I do find one thing concerning though. I noticed Inglor is voiced by Edwyn Tiong, who voiced Dan McNeely in other games, yet he's not voicing Dan in this one. Why?