Reviews for "A Christmas Special, or"

that was creepy...

but groovy as hell! there is a reason you're on my favorite artist list and you've done it again.

cool one

a few days late for christmas, but that was a pretty sweet christmas animation. a little bit unusual in some places, but it was pretty cool to watch, good graphics, cool audio, decent amusement and your efforts were nice.

awexome and well made

The animation was very fluid in this, and looked almost perfect with the camera footage which is hard to pull off. The loop was great and so was the story! I look forward to more work from you!

I LOVE it!

This makes me very happy. It's creepilicious! Very well done.


You have a sleak style of merrying together natural film footage with flash elements. Very unique! I'm still a bit unclear as to the premis of this piece but it was quite enjoyable no less. :'D