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Reviews for "Equal Diffrences"


This track is obviously not of this world... It's eerily captivating from beginning to end.
I'm not sure what emotion you were trying to convey in this piece but to me it feels like the buildup of morale.

Phoxxy232 responds:

You could say that, recently my GF left me and im trying to get over it, we both had our own problems that we were trying to work out but felt we couldn't, thus the title

Eye Opening

Yeah just like rogiferus said this piece is full of emotion, and to me it just seems like this song tries to show you a bigger picture.

Very Nice

I like how you made your transitions in to different parts of the song. It really worked out nicely. Giveing you a very clear yet smooth sound that is relaxing but u can also kinda dance to at the same time. There are many times however that suspenssion builds leading the Audience to believe it is about to get really intence with a hard base and what not but it never comes. Over all though it is a very good Well produced Piece.