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Reviews for "Puma Pride"

I didnt like it at all

When I saw the map and heard the music I thought it was going to be a lot like donkey kong country. BUT NO! It turned out to be utter crap. I hate that sort of slow motion movement stuff, it doesnt appeal to me at all. The game was very boring, I stopped playing after a few minutes.


not very good... i mean the graphics wer good i played and found no glitches but the gameplay...well...sucked... the interactivity wasnt that good at all the stlye seemed like mario the sound was ok
no violence so its kind of a kids game there was no humor that i saw so the overall is about a 6

This Game Sucked!!!

Game suck begose The jumping is anoying and charapter looks some old bitch ho only can do some speed running and jumping and get kicked ass


this was naff..........the controls were slugish the grapgics were bland and the puma didn't move very much. anoying soundtrack(m to turn it off, ino ,ino)

it wasnt my cup of tea.


good, but......

playing as that puma made me feel a bit GAY the graphics and animation was good but I really felt bored when I got on to the 2nd level....make some more of these but put it with a better storyline and possibly character

P.S: the climbing seemed pretty stupid where you needed to jump to go up