Reviews for "Ultima Eternus - Part V - C"

Holy shit.

...Dude, this is intense. I mean, it kinda takes a while to get into it,

but at 4:40, I was like; O__O dudeee!

and at 4:50, I was all like; O.O DUUDEE!

and then like, fuck man, at 5:01, I was like;


Explosive death and epic battle of epicness and shit.
Man, mind blown.
Awesome work.

Lashmush responds:

"Explosive death and epic battle of epicness and shit." - SeanHamilface on Ultima Eternus Part V

Holy Pants dude.

The song you created i am downloading now. This is Beautiful. nuff said. Sounds like the end of the road, but what else is there? The afterlife awaits, and it waits for no other person other than you. Seems like a tribal song about 1 minute in, but then it kicks in. This song rocks. No 0 bomber can detest to this. The music is perfect. Keep truckin dude.

Lashmush responds:

Thanks alot, sir.


Something is coming. Something goes away, even without leaving a trace. But if it cost us dear, it will remain in our hearts and will live out together with us.
You're well done its work, Ras, I am really proud that our twisted planet yet there are such people. These people really are unique. It is only necessary to find your vein, like you.
My time is probably not yet come ... - _ -

You have again managed to dislodge the scanty tears from the St. Petersburg wanderer. For that I love you, understand correctly, and as a musician, and the markups below as a person.

Good luck in your new life! \m/


Lashmush responds:

As allways, thanks for the feedback, Yar. Stay well, friend.


Stellar performance. I really liked how this portion started and thought those ambient beats were creative effects. I am just wondering now if you are going to put all parts together into an hour song. That would be seriously 150mb!

Lashmush responds:

roughly 100 mb if i use variable bitrate. i'll have to go back to my earlier ones and rework them though.

Thanks for the review!