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Reviews for "Fuzzy McFluffenstein 2"


Delightful. Simply delightful.
Make more gore filled games.
They are wounderous to me.
Thank you. *hug*.


EVEN MORE GORE!! YOU ROCK!! are those hamsters? I HATE HAMSTERS!!!!! I like the kitty tornado!!

oh yeah, and i was jumping on mice, repeatedly, i mean with absolutely no stopping, for probably 2 minutes. there were too many so i couldnt land. by the way, thats a good thing!


i racked up over 20 mins of time

Very simple

Too easy, I just quit after I got over 2000 kills and half an hour time remaining. I love the combination of gore and cute though.

Dude Guy Below me

Fist off your not a tiger you a cat seconds the game desevers a 10 not a crap 5 you piece of S***