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Reviews for "Fuzzy McFluffenstein 2"

Bloody cute

This thing is so cute and it's some pretty sweet violence.Suggestion on the next installment.

-More rodents.Put in a guenea pig or something
-A button to clean the blood on Fuzzy
-A boss.
-A jet pack for Fuzzy
-A weapon for Fuzzy
-More Play Modes.

That's all I have...

even better then the first!

i like the kitty tornado and free mode.awsome game,my score was about 2000,but i forgot to submit it.obey lizzy the annoying cardboard lizard!!

awsome games

lol the animals chase u so its easy to get points


NICE GAME i hardly use that word!

wow this game is so addicting

its so addicting i literally can't stop playing this game i have 51 minutes to kill the mice and the time just keeps rising it slowly goes down but its so easy