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Reviews for "Fuzzy McFluffenstein 2"

Nlot as Good as the last one

The graphics are good, the animation is smooth, abut once you get up into the 600's it starts to get really boring. It's too easy. I got my time left up to 899 seconds at one point just from the combos. The mice kind of walked under the cat and when you stop moving, so do the rats. I was at 718 points when I decided to stop.


The first one was way better this one was just plain out easy they come to you its ok 5/10 if it was a bit harder it would be a really good game

pretty bloody

i made a quarter of the place red.

Ehh Kinda boring aftter a while

All you do Is jump on their Heads...

partly bad then ahh

i played a game like this ecsepet your a tiger with a bunch uf gunz