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Reviews for "Fuzzy McFluffenstein 2"

Got boring fast.

I think I would've been in the high scores list, but I just couldn't bear to play any longer. This is just so damn easy it made me want to to stab a kitten.

really fun...

...but really easy as well. all you have to do is go to the right when you start and you can get some really nice chains going. i managed to get the clock up to 2,000+ seconds, could probably easily get another thousand or two, maybe even three if i had enough time to kill (which this game is a great time killer!)

fun game, nice concept, but far too easy.

it is a fun game but to much blood

what i think there is too much blood

Liked number one better...

It's a pretty good concept and WOULD'VE been fun, but the movement was pretty rigidity (probably just lag, but it still happens when I turn the quality to low, and yes, my computer is good and new). And because there are so many mice, it's hard NOT to land on one! Basically, all I did was one spot and kept getting combos, and therefore having the timer go up and up. Because it never ends, I quickly got bored, mainly because I actually didn't do anything at all. The Cat Tornado was pretty useless because it's slow and hard to aim, so I think you should be able to do it midair, so you could do cool combos without touching the floor. Also, it's pretty weird you could kill in mid-air, it would be nice if it you and mouse gradually descend instead. And when I try to land without hitting a mouse, I teleport a bit to the left or right to hit a mouse. It would pretty cool if I could pause and look around the map at the same time, the background seems really funny.

way to easy and boring

how to get over 300 seconds: stand on top of the boxes when you start then jump.