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Reviews for "Fuzzy McFluffenstein 2"


bloodiest game ever

Fresh flesh:)

liked that stuff. Pointless and violent killing. mmm:)

good for a while

its a good game for a while but its just too easy,i've 1043 and the timers going down as we speak 7\10 for humor and a new creative concept elements for a game

Bloody-mcbloody blood :P



+ Funny, Cute, Highscores, Good stress killer, Fast
- Couple of glitches (contact me if you want me to point them out), too easy, gets very repetitive after a while.

Possible improvements:
Difficulty modes: Normal (ok just like this) Hard (there's less mice or they run away or both)
New mode: Micer (lots of mice, no time limit, instant kills) (fun stress reducing slayer)
Maybe some new mice types
An enemy that can kill you (to make it harder (it should show up like after 300 points then another one at 600points and so on)) dog shop keeper etc.

If you find any of this review offensive or insulting in some way (interfeering in your work etc.) i'm truly sorry in advance. This review was based of my view of ups and downs of this game and possible improvements of how to make it better.

Thank you for taking your time reading this.