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Reviews for "Fuzzy McFluffenstein 2"

awsome but repetative.

I gavce the graphics a 9 beacuse they were extremaly good but there is still room for inprovement!

I gave the style five beacuase...umm..it has good style.

I gave the sound 3 beacuse it gets really annoying after a while. try to make a selection of music that you can chose from.

I gave violance 10 for obvius reasons!

I gave interactivity 8 cos its pretty interactive!

I gave humor 6 beacuse its funny but after a while it just gets boring.


improvments-for the next game try to make levels and bosses! That would really liven things up!
also I found a glitch. When I ran really fast towards the right hand wall on the toop floor the cat went flying up into nowhere until I couldnt see it anymore and all I could see was a load of mice and hamsters in white space.

it was ok

the game was fun but way too easy. i jump and rats and hamster things run under me. my score was 1595 then i took stairs then it lagged


bloodiest game ever


Pretty fun and simple, I did find a glitch however which gave me several thousand seconds and kills in a few seconds time. If you are playing on high quality, in mid air toggle the quality setting to low, then if you land on the mice while they are still on the ground, instead of instantly blowing up giving you +1 second each, they will sit there just flashing their eyes and will automatically starts counting off ten seconds additions. Once you've got four or five of the little buggers blinkin away, switch back to high quality and they will instantaneously explode adding several thousand seconds to your time and several hundred to your kills.


611 kills, it's f#ckin' late(we're talking 12:58 here), im bored as hell now, so i let the timer run out. Now, if anyone gets a higher score, c'mon now. Relly? But!! That is no(intentional) insult to the game! Graphics were great, music was NOT some generic techno(i've had quite enough of synthesizer), it was simple AND fun, overall, i loved it. But im giving it an 8 because now my neck is sore as hell.