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Reviews for "Fuzzy McFluffenstein 2"


I usually don't go for violence, but when it's cute like this ;)

I love the new features, like the kitty tornadeo!
And the free mode so I can just sit back and relax whilst exploding mice :P

Just everything about this is perfect!

you sick bastard

I had fun killing.... I mean playing this game. Thanks for making it!

another great game from diesaesed productions

Another awesome, gory game from my fellow texan. Love pretty much everything you guys have put out so far and can't wait to see more. There's something strangely satisifying about smashing mice and getting covered with blood and running around in a braveheart frenzy. WEeee!

that's terrible...

but epic. well made, etc.

my record: 521 (legitimately)

Pretty good except for one thing

Like above pretty good except for one thing, there is a glitch that when I turned the quality down to low any enemy that was on the ground wouldn't explode and the eyes would flash from the red like I was on them to white like normal. I could get quite a few to do this at a time and after 15 seconds or so they would explode, then somehow my score jumped up to about 8,000 killed and I had over 60,000 seconds left on my clock. Other than that it was a fun game, good job.