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Reviews for "Fuzzy McFluffenstein 2"

AWESOME, but a bit to easy.

I LOVE this game, seriously...
I was having a mental breakdown today and I was crying... and the first things that made me feel good again was this game, you made my day.
I've played the first one as well, so let me add this:
The game needs to be a bit harder, seriously the mice follow you everywhere and they spawn insantly whenever they die...
Make them either not follow you or make them spawn a bit less.
Also I liked the beat in the other one a bit better, it was faster and more energic... it helped you get that extra rush...
But the graphic was greatly impoved and the details where awesome and the violence... It's impossible to describe it in the human language..

All I can say is, thanks for cheering me up with this INCREDIBLE game.



love the game xD

There is always room for.... DEATH

love the game haha pretty good :P

kick ass

im number 1 :D

Well, it looks like we forgot to clean up Fuzzy McFulffenstein.