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Reviews for "Fuzzy McFluffenstein 2"

Aww, so cute

so you get to be a cute little kitty and sit peacefully among the mice who lovingly follow you around. There's a bug in the game, though; once I accidentally jumped and landed on top of a mouse and crushed him.

love this game

LOVED it. Just one thing, tho, and this goes for the more recent thing-thing games also:
there really needs to be an option to turn the blood down.
I'm not saying that from an "ZOMG BLOOD EWEWEW" standpoint, i thought it was hilarious, but if you're playing on a shitty computer, Low quality still hits MAJOR slowdown when the first mouse pops. Maybe an option to use an alternate, less graphically intense blood system?


He is Chuck Norris cat!!!

mother of mercy

i never thought this game will have more gore than gears of war

I love it

I played this on another site and got 3rd,it's very fun. :3