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Reviews for "Fuzzy McFluffenstein 2"

I love this game!

I played this at school and got almost 100% of the walls covered in blood.

Make a 3rd installment!!


it's nasty fun...
keep the awesome games coming!

its kool...


intense fx...

new enemy...

its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I used to hate cats now i despise them...but seriously this game is fun

Kinda like Tom & Jerry... JUST WITH 300% MORE GORE

Fuzzy's back nad yeah, it beats the prequel in my oppionion (don't ask me why the prequel got a higher score). This now has slightly bigger level design, 2 gameplay modes, another enemy (it's a hamster, not just mice anymore), and a lot more blood and gore chunks flyin' around the room. This sequel now packs in a new move, the cat tornado, and yeah it is helpful at somepoints. This sequel may seem easier... and it is, just after playing I got my name on the high scores and only got like 134 kills, it's just way too easy to score in this one. But anyway it's time/comboing system goes further in this one too, you can now get to like 2 seconds left in your game and then get it all the way back to 50 or higher, that may seem like a problem of beeing too easy, but it fixes the combo system a bit, not the time system. The neat and well animated backrounds are back too. This one takes place in a pet store rather than the house that the prequel took place in, and even though the pet store has two floors and a short loading screen inbetween them, I had a little problem in the midway point of my game where I tryed to walk back & forth going back to combo more rodents but I kept on messing up because the next room clears out enimies until you walk it up a bit. So that semi-load screen was huge problem in terms of comboing needs, you shouldv'e kept the one big level concept on the first Fuzzy Mcfluffenstein. But still aside from theese few flaws (sorry I wasn't counting) this is a great sequel to a game, it adds in the things it needs as well as things that may be broke, but didn't fix the things that were broke in the prequel.