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Reviews for "MGS: TAS Episode 4"


I am only rating your accuracy of words in this.

Score of animation: 10/10
Accuracy of words: 4/10
Total: 14/20
Average 7

Jason is right

This video is not funny

Wasn't funny,,,

Meh... it wasn't really funny/ 1-3 were funnier. I prefer Metal Gear Awesome.

Best one yet.

This was highly improved then before with the animation it looked very good with great quality,as for the story it's still good and juicy but it seems that if episode five hasn't been made and this one is already nearly three years old looks like this is the final episode but i hope you do finish up the story and make an episode five.

bvhj responds:

I've been thinking about it... The script has been done for around a year and a half already and we did the voice acting (which then got removed from my PC :I), but here's hoping i'll actually get working on it soon, because I want to round the whole thing off, too. thanks for watching <:

really funny

But can you make more? lots of people start mgs series, but few, if any, ever finish them. Your series is really good, so it'd be great if you could finish the whole "game" so to speak.