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Reviews for "The Weirdest Link"




i started to play this and i looked to my right and saw my neice dancing to it, so i was like alrighty then but yea the only down side was that it was pretty short for something so well put... maybe you can possibly make an extended version? i mean ill get more friends to listen on this for ya too if ya want... but seriously tho make an extended version it was pretty good
5/5 for good quality music 9/10 only cause i thought it coulda lasted a bit longer


i'll admit, It's very catchy.... It's one of those songs where you just don't know how to feel so you go with the flow :3 or could be used in a situation where someone's sitting in the chair and clicks the link to this song and gets a very serious big eyed face and begins flailing their noodle arms very smoothly to the song xD but thats just me :P



Hahaha, this is an amazing song.

I love that beat, it reminds me of what would be played inside of a club. That beat sounds like a rubber band, doesn't it? LOL

I <3 this song!!

Cuzone responds:

It really does sound like a rubber band, hahaha. :P Thanks!

It's okay.

I really couldn't get into this one, but it was still interesting, I think I could probably learn something from the composition as a whole rather that the individual sections. This more or less just isn't my taste is all, but I'd say keep pushing for improvement.