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Reviews for "The Weirdest Link"

Its not funny to give people headaches.

You have some good synth string work in here but i'd say thats about it. The song itself is pretty much an ear sore. It gets better at about 1:11 and then just kinda goes back to the original ear bleeding part haha. Then again though thats my opinion. Others must like it because its top five =)..Congrats on that at leasst. Keep up the music!


Cuzone responds:

Others like it because it's top five? Why didn't you include in your review that other people didn't like it because I made it to the top five and they didn't? Like darkmaster603? Include both sides of the story, or none.

Certainly people have different tastes in music than you. Learn to respect that.


to cool but too small

Misleading and Weird ass begining...

But gets awesome as the song goes on. Wow, at first I thought this was gonna be one of those WTF songs with all the weird shit. Can't quite explain it really. Also, how does this relate to country music? I feel it's more misc. or something like that. Never the less its a cool song.

I like the end!

Once you get past the beginning, the song starts to get more understandable as you go on :D


its certainly unique, but really weird. and for some reason the front page thinks its country.