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Reviews for "The Weirdest Link"


The song is quite nice. Intro sounded weird, but when the main synth kicked in, the whole tune became so catchy. And the saxophone was a nice add in. I don't what wyldfyre is saying about people liking it because it's a top 5 song. Whenever real garbage made it to the top 5, most people bashed it, no matter what position it's in. And this is far from garbage. This is actually pretty decent. You have potential and talent, and I want you enhance it. Keep it up.

P.S: Learn to take criticism. You may not like it, but constructive ones will help you improve your ability as a music producer. Good song overall.

Cuzone responds:

I can take constructive criticism well, but... where is it? I don't see it anywhere on this page. It's all "fuck you, you idiot, your music sucks".

But thank you very much for the review! I appreciate it very much. And wyldfyre can suck it.


this is not country

Cuzone responds:

no shite sherlock




I don't understand what's people's problem with the beginning. Guess they can't realize that the bass line in the beginning isn't the point of focus in the song, it's just like that in the beginning to segue to the complete thought. At least, that's what I think you were trying to do. I admit, the bass is a little weird, a very odd tone. But the melody and sax is very ingenious. I do wish it was a tad longer. With those things being said very well done song. Keep 'em coming.

Cuzone responds:

Thank you so much sir. I guess people expect everything to be consonant and nice and beautiful and when they see weird synths, weird sounds, they piss their pants. Screw them. :D

Nice Bounce

I really enjoy this piece, definitely a tune I could jam to in Street Fighter for sure, thanks for sharing this one. I'll have many victories thanks to you. :D

Cuzone responds:

Thank you! :D I'm glad to know you don't like it just because it's on the top five (this is a jab at the reviewer below you by the way. You're a jerk, wyldfyre. People like the song because they like it, not because it's top five)