Reviews for "DERAILED"


Hahaha!! I haven't laugh so much since years!!
10/10 This is the funniest flash!!

JoeandTom responds:

Haha, glad it gave you a good chuckle!


hells bells dude this frikinrock they all aw were so cute n then the dudes all oh i gota hamma! and hes all derailed!!! wtf?
anyway yay make more i liks u!

wathc it peeps!

Freakin' Sweet!

Awesomely funny and it's soooo true at the same time!!! Oh my god that is freakin' sweet!!


VEry good love this animation haha keep up the good work

P.S whats the first song called?

=o omfg!

i derailed a forum once! i might be the one responsible for killing all those poor happy sticks! aw man... i made myself sad :(