Reviews for "DERAILED"


LOL I like this, especially the part with the guy sliced in half XD

Really Great

large praise to the author! its the best thing i have ever ever ever seen!! the style is cute and nice and the music fits to every scene.
at the beginning i thought that this is one of this boring kiddie movies but then when i saw that guy pushing his stomach back in the half of his body i knew that this is the best thing i have ever seen!!
good job dude, i would like to see more of these things!

That was a work of art..... Really you win.

I could tell by the title that this would be gold. And you delivered. That movie made me burst out laughing, so true...


very nice work man.... the drawing... the animation... everything was great

ahh you gotta find the name of that metal song for me... its pretty sick

I really enjoyed this

I just keep coming back to watch it, it's brilliant. I read some of the other reviews that criticize how "unrealistic" the train crassh was but i'm pretty sure you did that intentionally, lmao. Obvious the train isn't gonna do a perfect flip over that and land upside down. I found that flip was just funny and fit the style of this flash perfectly.

Also, i know a lot of comments were made on your sound, but i have to say something anyways. The choice of music was amazing, added so much to the flash and i think it's the choice of music that really made this flash stand out.

I really liked the style of this flash and i hope you make quirky shorts like this in the future. Very short, very entertaining and didn't take you very long to make, which is incredible.

Make more? kthx lol