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Reviews for "DERAILED"


ten and i wached this and it didnt bother me not one bit so why in the wrold is it 17 and up?

is this what happens on NG?

Nice anamation, but its the other way around no another site I use the fourm on, we all attack the guy deraling the thread, and kick him out. XD

.... :O

WOW! That Guy Was Just Pissed Cause He Pissed All Over Himself! xDDD
But It Was Kinda Sad Tho! :/ Great Job Btw

Lesson Learned

This was a great animation and was polished excellent as well. It also had a great message that should be taken by every member who uses the BBS often. The graphics were great and I liked the fact that you didn't color them in, which indeed demonstrated your style of the animation. I found this to be extremely original, therefore giving this submission a ten in style. The mix of music was marvelous and it blended very well with the overall effect of the movie. The violence, or in this case, the gory and intestines drawings were very well done and executed. Very nice job on that. I also found this to be quite funny in the way you animated the characters and their somewhat funny expressions they had while they were in the train, or thread, so to speak. This was a great metaphorfic animation portraying how it just takes one user to ruining such a nice, on-going thread, in depth with easy conversation. Very nice job on this, and keep up the awesome work.


I am now officially scared of riding trains..