Reviews for "Chrono Trigger - Corridors"


I never heard a remix of this song that sounds like this! this is a really cool style! i like it!

Now get your butt over to my music and tell me what you think.

Make more music! :D


im working on an rpg using rpg maker xp and this would be perfect to use my rpg is called "land of legend" and its my first game so it may be a little bad.


Gotta give this a ten. Excellent remix, and I love that guitar!

Absolutely one of my favorite Chrono Trigger tracks. Good work!

Almost Awesome(:

I can see youre making good music by just listening to this song. The guitar was very good, the melody, the drums, the bass, well everything was composed very well! But i think you should put more bass in the percursions and the bass. Because it sounds a bit empty. Once you did that this song is awesome!
OR 8: Chrono Triger songs have been remixed alot of times..
DI 10: Youre awesome at diversity(:
CL 7: I didnt like the empty feel in the percursion and bass.
EF 9: The composiong was awesome, but there really is alot more of things to work on as an artist.
OV 9: I wished i could give you a ten for this. I almost never give a 0(only for stolen ware), but i almost never give a ten either. So you know what to do to get one: equalizing;) Good luck in your music future(:

ZombiePosessor responds:

Yeah, this was an older song, so there's no EQ work because @ the time I made this I had no idea of EQ'ing. Thanks for the solid review, this is what I wanna see more of!