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Reviews for "E5 Midwest Blue Metal Jam"

Very nice.

This is Exxelent I recomend this to all animators.

If you see this review it just a thank U!

Thanks for reviewing one of my songs man! Keep it V! I want to know when are you gonna post a new song on NG audio portal! Thar one you made was V! Please another!

Viewtiful-Masta aka Viewtiful-Nintendo

Lost-Requiem responds:

NP for the review dude, 'tis what I do. I plan to submit a new one i've been workin' on this week, hopefully by saturday. THanks for the support!

God dern it!

This sounds like some kind of song that would be in trigun. Good job!

Lost-Requiem responds:

Trigun is great, the themes are awsome. But in actuality, the inspiration for that jam came from one of the character theme songs from the F-Zero game for the gamecube! I'm flattered by the comparison though, and I'm working on learning the Trigun theme so i can submit that as well.


its dull.
in the beginning at least. even after the lead comes in i'm just like...okay, cmon.
it failed to grasp my attention, and some chord progressions might have made it more interesting.
and like a chord inversion or a deceptive cadence.
but umm.. keep trying.

Lost-Requiem responds:

Well, i may not like what you have to say, but thanks for taking the time to say it. Thanks for the vote anyway.


That was the greatest thing I've ever heard in my entire life. Please don't die until you turn at least 50.

Lost-Requiem responds:

You Niether or I wont be able to record anymore!!