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Reviews for "The 8-Bit Solution"


The melodies are just great and fitting, even the transitions are perfect.
Sounds like a professional 8-bit song! Could you send me your NI massive patches I'd love to take my own try on 8-bit music. :)

Oh...and ignore the personal message I wrote! ;)
Sometimes I'm just too stupid to read the authors comment.


I feel like this song have something to say to me. But I can't seem to completely understand it. It make me want to put it on repeat.



Reminds me of the days when Nintendo was it

Absolutely love 8 bit music.

Just logged in to let you know, I used this song for a kinetic typography project I did for my Digital Art Media class. Was going to post a link to it until I remembered the glaring red text below the text box xD.

If you want the link, shoot me a message.

It's great stuff, and incredibly addictive!


awesome and my son danced his ass off through the whole thing. cant wait to hear more... and yes i would like to hear it with a vocal track.