Reviews for "Deflector"


Better than that Prison Escape one. A little challenging but that's why I liked it. Good work.

P.S.: It reminded me of space invaders. :)

freeworldgroup responds:

thanks :- )


woo i beat it! and the level 7 was so damn hard, i died and my 2nd try on it i got lucky, i happened bounce a ball off of another enemy while that one in the corner was open and WHAM dead lol.

the first time i let my self die tho cause i was so angry, i managed to bounce a ball back at my self but when it came back i shot it off at a horrible angle lol

freeworldgroup responds:

it's tricky and killing that last alien is always a killer if you don't get him early.

Great game!

I beat it! Level 15 took me around 30 minutes, but I finally beat it ^^.

freeworldgroup responds:

woohoo! :- )


You get all my points. Great work. Simple, fun, great looking and addictive like crack. Finally beat it on hard with about 20 continues :D


Freaking, that is. lol. This game is awesome. f***ing, that is. lol. Really hard, though. Only got to stage 5 =/