Reviews for "Deflector"


Better than that Prison Escape one. A little challenging but that's why I liked it. Good work.

P.S.: It reminded me of space invaders. :)

freeworldgroup responds:

thanks :- )


woo i beat it! and the level 7 was so damn hard, i died and my 2nd try on it i got lucky, i happened bounce a ball off of another enemy while that one in the corner was open and WHAM dead lol.

the first time i let my self die tho cause i was so angry, i managed to bounce a ball back at my self but when it came back i shot it off at a horrible angle lol

freeworldgroup responds:

it's tricky and killing that last alien is always a killer if you don't get him early.


You get all my points. Great work. Simple, fun, great looking and addictive like crack. Finally beat it on hard with about 20 continues :D


Freaking, that is. lol. This game is awesome. f***ing, that is. lol. Really hard, though. Only got to stage 5 =/


finally beat it it is an awsome and intense game the spread upgrade is both helpful and unhelpful expescially on the last lvl this game is also addicting as hell
thanx for a good game hope there is a part 2