Reviews for "Deflector"


Thanks so much for using my song... it seems like i can still review... but i can't log on.
which sucks, cuz my five would have been worth more. it's a cool game. i like the spread power up. a suggestion would be to maybe have more than one direction, and maybe a certain trick to making the shield (if these things come up later in the game, I apologize.

freeworldgroup responds:

thanks : - ) attacks come from all around later on in the game. Great song : - )

A "Must play on the Wii" game

Dude this game is perfect for playing on the Wii you know that right. What am I saying of course you do!

freeworldgroup responds:

yep : - )

Awesome game

Good job on this man.
Its simple, sweet, and rocks. Love the music & sounds.

Very addictive & quite challenging when on hard mode...especially the levels your "surrounded" on since some nmes load their shots faster then others so you have to time for a nmes distance to your station as well as what type is about to shoot first....nice powerups as well.

6 for humor cuz of some of the situations with the balls bouncing off a nmes defense into more nmes or getting you killed....got a good chuckle out of those ricochets....

One thing I'm uncertain about is people whining that they cannot hit a nme when its too far...I've beaten this on med and hard several times...no problems killing all nmes on screen....some ppl just suck at reflex games where you actually need to be observe whats happening I guess :x

Any chance for a sequel?

great game

Very original. I love using
the mouth to reflect.
Very entertaining game.
Graphics were more than
reasonable. Addicting too!

Awsome O_O

Incredible game, fun to play for atleast half an hour if you ask me, easy click 'n drag control, challenging in a great way. Got to stage 10. Great game overall, awsome work with how the shield deflects btw. Expecting to see more from you.