Reviews for "Deflector"


my god i love the spread.. and when they just bounce back and you spread more and more and more and then its just craaazy... my god this is so much fun. i love it. thank you so much for all the joy this has brought to me.
i wish you all the best in life.. make more stuff like this. :)

freeworldgroup responds:

spread is great... except for when it comes back to bite ya on the ass : - D


did u click the mouse?? you have to do more than just drag, its a click and drag for me. but yeah, this was an awesome game! i tried it and ended up playing for like hours! def in my top favs. 5!

Fast, frantic and fun

A really enjoyable game, kept me on my toes in the later levels too


very good

it was good not being shot at all at once which made it great


i like this