Reviews for "Deflector"


Great to see something different with the line drawing then the typical walk the line.
Great to see.

freeworldgroup responds:

- ) rankyou

Nice job!

Man, why can't people like you help make games that go on things like the Nintendo DS? I liked the game a lot. I keep coming back to play it, and no other flash game has ever really done that for me. I'm anxious to see if you can improve on something that's already great. Again, good job!

Nice game!

Yeah I completed the whole game, whew. Yeah on lvl 7 I couldnt kill the damn ball, but I tried again and killed it with another enemy's shot. Really enjoyed the game. THANK YOU!


Nice game 10/10 from me :D

Good work on this one ;)


great game, though got caught a couple of times with not clicking down.