Reviews for "Deflector"


very fun and addictive game. Challanging aswell. Great job.

freeworldgroup responds:

glad you found it addictive : - )

needs work

IMPROVMENT NEEDED! it was alright... got very boring after level 3 so i just quit but if u made MORE POWER UPS itd be pretty kick ass and also change the music to like A7X or sumthing then evry1 wuld play it but w/e

freeworldgroup responds:

the levels actually change a lot later on - you gave up too early ... oh well

Got kinda hard...

It got diffucult after the first few levels.

freeworldgroup responds:

that was the idea


sorry for the 6.but honestly....
Bad points:
1.Boring easily.it's the same thing again n again.With just more enemies, it's just the same whole thing again n again.
2.no plot.Just war.Why?Do you like war?
3.i don't think aliens use such straight cannons,do they?
4.huh?Our base is just some sort of "sun"?I only see lights coming out.You call something you can't step on or whatever a base?wht?
5.some story or something between levels=you know,aliens dun attack fr no reason,right?everybody does=some do for fun,some for land,some for oil,there is a reason for everything we do in our lives.Now.Later.Future.Just now.
6.erm?I hope humans dun have such a funny ship called the "cursor" right?
7.what are those type of stuff circling the "planet"?Oh...i forgot!it's a base.
Good points:
1.Nice idea.Just one thing=No weapons?A bit...erm...outta point,u get what i mean?Well if u dun,this is what i mean-a base requires defence in the outside world.Did we saw the WHOLE universe before?no.So if these humans had some brain they would at least put some weapons(a bit of them) to protect this base.Like,lets say,one ammo per level?that sort of thing.
2.Nice graphics.
3.nice music.
4.Hey!Bonuses!Good one.
5.one not-bad-at-all game.Just put in a good plot and that shud fix a lot of stuff.
6.nice "power loss" effect.
Overall,it's not bad,n u still got a good six.Hope i wasn't too offensive lol.

freeworldgroup responds:

nah, good points, thanks for the 6 : - )


Hard to get the last 2's