Reviews for "Deflector"

Solid 7

Cool Game Just work on some humor games for more publicity

freeworldgroup responds:

yeah, humor is something we'll tinker with for a few of our games...

that was funny

that is a really funny game it like those breakout games were you have to deystroy all the blocks but instead of you firing the ball(s) the enemeys do that for you lol good job

freeworldgroup responds:

- )


i like that you can draw a line straight through your own planet and it'll tunnel your enemies' shots through it. seems like you've done some complex programming. (or is that a glitch? lol)

Great arcade..

Its a great arcade game , good power ups and base concept. needed a mute button and all of the games Free World group makes just needs more depth.


good game but gets real boring and repatative