Reviews for "Deflector"

that was funny

that is a really funny game it like those breakout games were you have to deystroy all the blocks but instead of you firing the ball(s) the enemeys do that for you lol good job

freeworldgroup responds:

- )

Good game, creative twist of style

This style of gaming is tired, but the attacking system mixes these games with pong, and both are simple and fun. Only problem was the repetativeness of the sound. The only sounds were the clinking of reflected missiles, destroyed drones, and music. Given, the music suited the game well, but it was too short to be left on repeat.
There are two bugs in the game, one I found after the previous. The first is the music: when you retry the level, the music stops. The second is painful: on level 7, one of those spherical bots is invincible. It never attacks when there is one other bot, and when it's alone, it attacks, but by the time the deflected missel reaches it, it retreats into its shell. It's the one in the very top left corner. That is the only reason I didn't play further.
By the way, excellent use of the menu, many games of this genre only allow you to restart the game itself.

freeworldgroup responds:

thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. Regarding the alien on level 7 - it's not a bug - it's simply very hard to kill, and is done so on purpose - you need to position your shield right on the edge of the circle and get the aiming right - if done correctly you have enough time to kill the alien.

nice game

nice game u got here , the only prob i had was the upgrades u need more

freeworldgroup responds:

thanks, the next version will have many more powerups : - )

It was pretty good.

This game entertained me for awhile.I like that the game had power-ups in it. I also liked the variety in the diferent enemy ships.I didn't really get far in this game (I think I got to like level 5) but it was fun while it lasted.Overall good game,keep up the good work.


good game but gets real boring and repatative